Twist Again


This spring has, so far, been pretty bad as far as severe weather goes. We’re having tornado warnings again tonight – – and it has rained all day today, as it has for the past 6 days straight. My poor garden is about 2 feet under water. The plants and flowers don’t seem to mind, however – they look as green and perky as ever.

My family is currently making fun of me. I freak out with tornado warnings – – they think it’s funny to watch me go nuts. So, currently – I’m a source of amusement for them. It’s ok – I can live with that. Someone needs to take it seriously, right?

For tonight, it’s BBQ babyback ribs, corn on the cob and I just got done making fresh strawberry margaritas. Tornados be damned – – we’re having dinner, dammit!

3 thoughts on “Twist Again”

  1. I lived in OKC for a little over a year. After living on the East coast most of my life with 5 day warnings on hurricanes that was the scariest 14 months of my life.

  2. Got any left-overs? I haven’t had dinner yet… now I’m REALLY hungry!

    I’ve never had to deal with tornados, but I used to love thunderstorms when I lived in Georgia. Now I’m in Seattle, we don’t have severe weather here really, maybe occasional wind storms that knock out power but that’s about it. Here, it’s earthquakes… only one really significant one since I’ve lived here though.

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