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See . .this is a rarity for me. I’m rooting for the Skins today against my beloved Pack. There are somethings that trump a Packer win – – and that is the my President winning re-election. Call me superstitious, fine.

As the record shows – if the Washington Redskins win their game on the week before elections, the incumbant has won re-election. If they lose, the challenger wins the office.

Along the same line – there is another theory that the record shows if the Green Bay Packers lose their game on the week before election, the incumbant wins re-election, likewise, if they win, the challenger wins.

This week – – the week before the elections — my Pack is playing the Washington Redskins. Which means, I have a choice to root for my Pack, or root for my President – – if I were a superstitious girl. Just to be on the safe side, I’m rooting for my President.

Currently – the Pack is winning 17 – 7 at the end of the half. Washington really needs to pick this game up!

Go ahead, make fun of me. Laugh at me. Chris has been doing it all day! 😀

Update: – Packers won the game 28 – 14 on a penalty that had the Skins victorious. The penalty cost the Skins the game when the Pack intercepted and then ran it down for a touchdown. That was a bad call on the illegal procedure, however – – so it’s my opinion that the Skins were disenfranchised!!

Good for my Packers .. guess we’ll have to wait and see if the football lore has any truth to it.

Of course, it’s been said that Boston broke the curse with their win last week in Busch stadium.

Here’s hoping!

16 thoughts on “The Pack & Skins”

  1. Its been 86 years since the red sox won.
    The Boston Red Sox pitcher said vote Bush.
    They won in Bush Stadium.
    Bush is running for 2nd term.
    Bush is the 43rd president.
    Since 1932 when the redskins win the incumbent president stays in office.

    Since 1971 if I burp 3 times on a sunday following 2 days after a fart the incumbent president stays in office.

    (P.s. I better shut my office door before she reads this)

  2. Have the faith! I’m from Waukesha and really into the Badgers, But I knew the Packer were winning because I could hear my wife, Nancy, screaming every time the Packers scored. I’m glad for the Packers and I have the Faith that President Bush and Cheney will be with us the next four years. Now that the Pack won…… let’s show the same energy on Tuesday!!

  3. With optimism like that, Glenn – how can I even be discouraged! Let your wife know that I was screaming right along with her up here in West Bend! 😉

    W in ’04!

  4. Another comment….. I just finished watching “Stolen Honor” on PAC TV (Channel 15) in the Milwaukee area. Sponsored by and it will be showing 6 more times before Tuesday.

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  7. I pulled for the Skins as well. But we will reverse the curse ;). Think of it this way, it helped us a ton with the MN loss, and both Texas teams won (Bush) while NE finally lost!!! 🙂

  8. I cheered for the Pack yesterday, and I’m quite pleased they won, because I’m sure Curly Lambeau is looking down and smiling, because Curly cast a Curse on Kerry after the Lambert Field gaff. Kerry will never win another election because of Curly’s Curse 😆 .

  9. I suck, Lisa – I have not been able to find seats for you for the December games that are under $175/each. I’ll continue to look, but you may just want to sell yourself on the streetcorner at a tailgate 😥

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