Testing File Upload Feature


Just testing out the file upload feature in WordPress.

Thought I’d share one of my favorite Olivia pieces:

Olivia - Sugarpuss


Hey – what do ya know? It worked!

I couldn’t get it working before now. It didn’t matter that I had chmod the directory to 644. WordPress would always upload the image with the chmod set to 600 – no matter what I did. The fix is relatively easy :

Add a ‘chmod($pathtofile2, 0644);’ line before the first ‘@unlink($img1);’ line in wp-admin/upload.php and a ‘chmod($pathtofile, 0644);’ line before the second ‘@unlink($img1);’ line. That’s it!

Found it in the WordPress support forums. Implemented it – – and that’s all she wrote!

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7 thoughts on “Testing File Upload Feature”

  1. I had considered using wordpress when I decided I was tired of my own hand coded updaterthingamajig.. but with my severe dyslexia I had to find something that would baby talk me through the install. Turns out I couldn’t even do MT the first time. My gf had to do it for me. Bless her heart. Now I think I’m pretty good at installing it. Maybe I’ll try installing WP just to see if I can.. ha!

  2. Rachel – WP is so easy to install it’s funny 🙂 It takes all of about 5 minutes to do, once you have the MYSQL database set up.

    Good luck, if you do it 🙂

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