Sweating in 5 feet of snow!


WHEW! Things that got done this weekend:

  1. I baked 3 dozen of 5 different kinds of Christmas cookies (that’s 180 cookies!), made batch of homemade Hot Buttered Rum mix to freeze and enjoy throughout the winter, and made a big batch of homemade eggnog to enjoy throughout the holidays
  2. One dozen of each go to my mother (she gives me 5 dozen – 1 dozen each of 5 different kinds. That way – we each of 10 different kinds of Christmas cookies).
  3. Another dozen of each went to Atlanta with Chris for his employee Christmas party this week
  4. Got the Christmas tree Saturday night – – got it up Sunday morning. Will decorate tonight
  5. Got the Christmas lights hung outside the house – – along with 6 six foot white wire Christmas trees strung with white lights placed around the front of the house. Got all this done during a snow storm with at least a foot and a half of snow accumulated in the yard.
  6. Got the inside of the house all decorated (except for the tree)
  7. Got Chris all packed up and sent off to Atlanta for the week – – he should be boarding his plane as I write this

All of this along with dealing with a wayward teenage daughter with a million f’n TONS of attitude. I can’t even get into what we had to go through with her this weekend (in particular Friday evening) .. it’s just too…blech…to get into – – just suffice to say: if that kid sees the light of day by 2007. . . she’ll be lucky.

Now all I have to do is get out all my Christmas cards . . . then I can start working on my wedding invitations that I want to have out by the end of the year.

Not hectic. Not. Hectic. At. All.

9 thoughts on “Sweating in 5 feet of snow!”

  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm. I might have to do some Christmas cookies if I get a chance this week. Yesterday’s Chiarello had a chocolate hazelnut sandwich cookie that looked fantastic. He also did one that looked kinda like a filled biscotti that’s tempting…

  2. don’t worry about your daughter, she can’t have possibly done more than mine!?!?!?! still have to love ’em though… then they make you grandparents…. /:):((\:d//:):):d8-|/:):o@-)>-):-ss

  3. Holy Smokes! Do you have enough energy to come help me??

    Girls of any age are difficult. One of my 10 yr old twins told me the other day: I don’t exist in this family, I just don’t exist. All the time stomping her feet. This was done ‘cuz I did not wash the favorite jeans she wanted to wear.

    Thanks for visiting last week.

  4. Nancy – I’m seriously pooped out! Sorry lol @-)

    Girls ARE difficult! And it just keeps getting worse — just when I think it CAN’T get more dramatic…more whiney and irrational – – my 14 year old takes it a step further.

    I have a 16 year old boy and there is NONE of this dramatic, soap opera antics that goes on with him.

    My mother warned me about having a girl . . . lol

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