Every year, I try to make it down to Summerfest, here in Milwaukee. I think last year was the first year in a long, long time that I didn’t actually make it down because I was moving into the new house that whole month.

The fest is days filled with food, drink beer, people and a tremendous variety of music seeping out of absolutely everywhere – – all down on our glorious lakefront. We generally hope the sun is out – – but the place is just as packed in the rain.

Sean H., who is damned near next door to me, points out a new festival in Milwaukee – – only in September, instead of July. As if Wisconsinites need more reason for beer and music, says he.

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5 thoughts on “Summerfest”

  1. Didn’t sleep well last night – – it’s that time of year again here in Wisconsin. Hayfever, man!

    I couldn’t breath.

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