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I tried to catch the falling snowflakes here. We’ve gotten an inch so far this morning – – and are expecting 6-8 inches of snowfall by this evening.

I’m sooooo glad I spent an hour and a half shovelling yesterday afternoon. What a week for the snow plow/blower to have a busted belt!

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6 thoughts on “Snowfall”

  1. Tell me about it. At least you have a snowblower to break. Try shoveling all this stuff by hand . . . a bit disconcerting, since it seems determined to snow every 48 hours this winter.

  2. Heya Mark 🙂 I did hand shovel it yesterday – – but then our driveway is forever long, so I did not relish it one bit!

    When we get the blower belt fixed – – I’ll ride it over by you and do your driveway? @-) (just kidding of course! lol)

    The snow is actually very pretty and I love winter – – I just hate the clean up.

  3. Actually, I just got in from shoveling out the end of the driveway now that the plows have been down my street. I wouldn’t want a snowblower. It’s an absolutely gorgeous night to be out. The snow is falling so gently and for a change, town is quiet.

    I wouldn’t want anything that would make me come in from that any sooner!

  4. The wind was blowing last night so I just did a trip up and down the driveway so we could head over to my folks to celebrate mrs. knight’s birthday. With the wind blowing I knew it’d be right back where it was before I started by morning, but yep, half hour for just up and down with the bobcat and blower without any of the nice little cleanup stuff and without doing the full width (which would take another trip up and down)…

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