Sister Told Jah!


Go on over and visit one of my clients, Zee – she is newly hosted at Blogs About and she also has a brand new, spiffy template from moi!. She’s a recent Blogger import and her and I go back a ways, back when I did her template for her blogger account. Now she has a brand new domain and enjoying the benefits of being an ex-Blogger user!

Sister Told Jah!

6 thoughts on “Sister Told Jah!”

  1. Awwh! Thank you to all!

    Lisa, you rock lady (or RAWK, as Emma said :smile:)! I can’t thank you enough. I’ll say again I can’t figure out how you were able to reach into my brain and pull out exactly what I wanted onto the template 😛

    You are so right in that I’m enjoying being an EX blogger user LOL. Still familiarizing myself with the features of WordPress, but so far, so good!

    Muchas gracias again! 🙂 I’ve checked out the blogs of the gals who’ve posted here in this thread, and they look great as well. To quote Wayne and Garth: “We’re not worthy!” 😉

  2. You see, I have this special computer program that reaches through your monitor and hacks the contents of your brain.

    MMMuuuuhahahahahahahah! lol

    I’m thrilled that you’re thrilled! :mrgreen:

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