Home Again


Chris is home for the weekend again! He flew in from LA on Friday evening – – only to fly back out Monday morning..this time to Atlanta. This is almost over – – this phase of his contract is coming to an end and they are coming up on the design phase of the project…all of which he can do remotely, from home. I’m looking forward to that – even though I’ll have to get used to sleeping only on MY side of the king bed! 😉

Tonight – we ordered in from a new Italian Deli that recently opened in town. We got one of those fresh pizzas that you take home and bake. It was mushroom, basil, mozzarella and smoked provolone cheese with a garlic sauce base (rather than a tomato sauce) with fresh tomato slices on top. It smelled heavenly and tasted even better! For desert? What else would you have from an Italian Deli except Cannoli and espresso??

Absolutely yum!

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