What’s worse than holding a party that you can barely afford, sparing no expense, practically bankrupting your nation’s economy, that you barely pulled together by the last minute and holding it under the ongoing ever present threat of terror?

What’s worse is holding that party – – and NOONE shows up?

Is it the terror? Lack of interest? Cost of the tickets? Greece is saying that the opening days are low in attendance because the opening sports events are not popular ones in Greece – – let’s hope so!

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older — but I can remember when the Olympics were THE OLYMPICS (play appropriate Olympic music here)!!! I remember looking forward to it with great anticipation and making sure I scheduled my time accordingly so that I could watch. I remember getting the schedules in advance so I knew when and where to be!

I just don’t feel that way anymore. Is it that the Olympics aren’t purely for amateurs anymore? Is it because it’s too commercialized these days? Too politicized? Or maybe I’ve just gotten older and as the years pass, priorities change.

Who knows? One thing is for sure, though – – when it comes time for the winter Olympics – – I’m always there for the downhill skiing events!

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7 thoughts on “Yikes!”

  1. Part of it is the Olympics are politicized enough. During the Cold War, the Olympics were sort of a non-violent war between collectivist (Nazi and Communist) and free states. Two of the greatest Olympic memories, Jesse Owen in Berlin and the 1980 U.S. hockey team would have nearly the same significance if there wasn’t the geopolitical tension of the times.

  2. Well according to Greek officials, August is a huge holiday month for Greece. Also, the past few days have been part of/in preperation for a huge holiday in Greece (that I think was today, August 15th). Those two things on top of the “lack of popular sports” that have been showing…

    We’ll see if they pick up.

    Personally, if they knew ticket sales were going to be low because of the “huge holiday season” and the holiday, I would’ve have let them be held in Greece.

    But that’s just me.

  3. Personally, the Olympics have lost their luster. I remember when America and Russia used to dominate the team sports. With the exception of softball and women’s soccer, that is no longer the case. A frustrating point is American trained atheletes playing for other countries. What is that about? Right now I am watching an American play beach volleyball for the Australians. The announcers say he has dual citizenship. However, the Constitution declares their is no such thing. Oh. Well. I digress.

  4. I will never forget the 1980 US Hockey Team! I’ve seen many posters and images of the Americans posing for the camera after winning…BUT – – what I’m looking for is a poster of the look on the Russian’s faces.

    It was priceless.

  5. I think it is because most of the sports they play on the television are boring and most people don’t watch them.

    I like watching the soccer games and other sports that are not on during prime time.

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  7. I think it is a combination of factors; too commercialized, professionals with their attitudes (the mens basketball team are a bunch of jerks), and the change in timing. When we had to wait 4 years for an Olympics year it seemed more special, now that they alternate every 2 years it feels less eventful.

    I have caught the highlights late at night – still feels nice when the Americans are up on the podium, happy to hear the anthem and see the flag.

    We rock!

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