Got myself one of those cute little ShoutBoxes. It’s over on the right.

Not sure that I’ll keep it there, though. I had a tag board once…and I got bored with it right quick. But hey, if you use it – I’ll keep it around. If not – I’ll find something else to play with.

Lots of stupid shit going on this past week – too stupid to blog about, actually. You know it’s gotta be really stupid if it’s not even blog-worthy, ya know? You know who you are.

The diet is going extremely well. I wasn’t even thinking about doing it until Chris came up with the idea of a Bahamas Cruise. See, his company usually does an annual ski trip. This year, however – Chris is experiencing an unusually huge explosion of work and they’ve signed some incredible contracts with 3 large Fortune 500’s – they didn’t have time to plan, much less actually go on, the ski trip this year.

So he, and his partner, decided on a cruise instead. Which means a bathing suit. So, I naturally made the decision to try and drop a few pounds so I can wear my bikini that I wasn’t planning on wearing until June. They’ve pushed up my bikini deadline damn them! Chris says I can wear it now with no problem — obviously men just don’t get it, do they? Nope.

Anyways – I’m down 11 lbs since I started this thing. I was going for 15 – – but I’m thinking I could go for 25 which might require the purchase of a new bikini, but it might just be worth it. The diet is going so well, so far – thanks to Vinny’s inspiration, and all. I can’t thank him and his words of encouragement enough.

Of course, my office is of no help whatsoever. For a health care company – they are some of the most unhealthy bunch of people I know. Today, for example, to celebrate some of the growth our office has experienced in our area – they catered lunch. Pizza, subs, cookies, baked goods, chips — all sorts of crap food. It was so hard to resist – – but I did! Plus, on every desk in that office, there is a bowl full of chocolate and candy for the taking. They make it almost impossible to diet in that place!

I think I’ll bring a fruit basket in tomorrow and plop it on the table in their kitchen. If it’s not chocolate – it’s sure to confuse them.

The bonus that I’ve found with this dieting thing is that I feel tons better than I have in a long time. More energy – – better moods, not so sluggish in the morning and evenings. It’s rather nice, actually.

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  1. I just got home from working out. I have been sick with a head cold for a week, *another* migraine last night and I was actually feeling normal and went and worked out. IT FELT GREAT! Isn’t it amazing that once you get your head into it, then it becomes a habit and then it is a necessity. I love feeling better and your post is further encouragement!

    And I know ALL about those tempting co-workers with their evil little chocolates and cookies :). Tell us how the fruit basket goes!

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick, Randy – that bites.
    It does amaze me how much better I feel, even after a short work out.

    I’ll give a progress report on the fruit basket — I think, however, unless it’s chocolate covered fruit – they won’t touch it! lol

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