Here We Go Again


Chris is going out of town on Sunday – he’ll be gone for three weeks. Lucky him, he gets to spend three weeks in Arkansas, of all places. Hey, better him than me – that’s all I gotta say!

This trip kicks off their new contract with a large national corp. – and it’s been all kinds of chaotic around here while he gets ready for it. He’s not your typical business owner – or maybe he is? He works from home and generally works in sweatpants, or jeans – – or on really bad days, his boxers. We went suit shopping for him the night before, in preparation for this trip. They, apparently, will be meeting the first week with their corporate IT Dept. and then the following week with a half dozen, or so, of their corporate General Counsels – so he finally broke down and bought a suit.

With his company, he is usually the ‘behind the scenes’ guy while his business partner, Dan, is more of the ‘on-site project manager’ guy. So, Chris barely has to ‘suit up’ for business – – except during contract kick-offs and when he is required to go onsite to give training classes.

I haven’t suit shopped with a guy, ever. I was amazed at the cost of it all. He ended up purchasing one suit, a sports coat, two pair of pants, two shirts, a few ties, shoes, belt, socks – the whole bit. Let’s just say that I could go a LONG way in clothes shopping on what he spent for just those items. It really amazes me how much men’s clothing costs, compared to women’s.

Discrimination at it’s finest – – and I’m not going to complain about it. With as much shopping as I do? I’m just fine with the prices I pay, as a woman!

With him gone over the next three weeks – – if you haven’t been here long enough to get to know me – it usually means a new site design, a bunch of new restructuring of the site and a bunch of new templates over in the gallery at E. Webscapes. When my evenings are THAT free – – that’s what usually ends up happening.

Here I go again!

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4 thoughts on “Here We Go Again”

  1. I met a gal in the fashion industry a few weeks ago.

    She said the reason men’s clothing is more expensive and usually less chance of markdowns and women’s is usually cheaper and we get sales – is all based on our shopping patterns.

    Since men shop LESS frequently than women – the clothing industry has to get their money’s worth out of them.

    As women, we shop, well let’s be honest. Constantly. And our clothing changes more often than mens’ – hemlines, etc.

    And more than likely his suits will last him 10-20 years. How many women can say they’ve had a dress that long?

  2. Makes total sense, GB. Still makes me happy to be a woman lol

    However considering how much we shop – we probably end up paying three times as much for clothes as they do in their lifetime. 🙂

  3. Ah, that makes sense, thanks GrumpyBunny.

    Lisa – I’ve not seen your template site before today but I’m overwhelmed at the wonderful designs. Can’t wait to see the new ones now!

  4. Daisy – thank you for the kind words on my designs. Chris leaves tomorrow – so I’m sure by Wednesday, or so….I’ll be busy. 🙂

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