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Just a quickie today . . I’m pressed (shoved? smashed?) against some hard deadlines today. Coffee.. coffee and MORE coffee please!

Last week, I mentioned a radio interview that I did on SRD Radio with my good friend, Dave Chadwick. Dave has the episode up and live today so you can go and listen and gawk at what a dork I sound like in audio. Be nice, though – I was nervous!

Here is a rundown of Dave’s show for this week:

I talk about how I gained 50 pounds in 5 years and how I intend to lose it the extra baggage

Steve Gilliard passes away

Presidential Idol and the Stupidest Political Commercial Ever

Senate Bill 1348 is now, without a shadow of a doubt, amnesty for criminals.

William Jefferson is charged with ethics crimes, Tom DeLay was driven out of Washington for less, Jim Matheson is a great Blue Dog, and to New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina moaners: GET OVER IT!

Man sues beverage company because an energy drink gave him a permanent erection three years ago.

Dr. Kevorkian is let out of jail and there is some justice in the world.

Lisa Sabin-Wilson comes on the show to talk about her new book, WordPress for Dummies, and a few other things

So, it’s me and Dr. Kevorkian on Dave’s show today – – somewhere in there is a deep irony that only I could appreciate.. well, and maybe a few close friends. Heh.

Anyways – visit Dave’s show! Have a listen – tell me how funny I sound in audio, and then subscribe to Dave’s weekly podcast, SRD Radio — he’s a hoot!

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  1. Interesting interview you went through. You don’t really sound like the alien you said you were – a little nervous I guess, but otherwise very good.

    If I ever want a custom WP theme, I certainly know where to look!

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