Patience and Resolve


Such a symbol of terror within his own country. Found in a spider hole. Caught like a rat with nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. This man will finally pay for his crimes against humanity.

To see the population celebrate in the streets did my heart good. I can’t imagine the terror and fear they lived under for so many agnoizing years.

Today, for the first time in 3 decades – the people are able to confront their fears and confront their dictator and ask him “Why”? Why did he brutalize Iraqi people? Perhaps he will give an answer – perhaps not. At the end of the day, the Iraqi people have, at long last, been liberated from a most brutal dictator. These people deserve it.

Congratulations President Bush, to the military strategists who carried this out, to the men and women of our armed forces! Congratulations to the people in Iraq – – it is my heartfelt wish that this takes you in a huge step forward in eliminating the fear you’ve lived with….and takes you a long way towards finding peace and freedom in your country.

Without a shot – – caught like a rat in a hole:

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