Last week, Hospice had asked if I would come into the office on Monday and help them out for a few hours. Not seeing patients, but helping with the phones – triaging calls from patients and doctors… that kind of thing. Most of them are on vacation this week..so they needed help. So I agreed to come in today for about 5-6 hours to give them a hand and put a few extra dollars on my paycheck.

Hard to believe, really – that this is the job the I left in April (before I demoted myself to Case Manager). I used to go to that office every day and do the same stuff. Only today, spending 6 hours there really made me realize why I left and never looked back. I foresaw everything that I’m seeing today.

The chaos. The disorganization. The amazing lack of anything that would remotely run that office smoothly.

I can’t exist in a chaotic environment, at all. Cool, calm and controlled — that’s how I like it. I’m not reactive and I only participate in crisis management only when necessary. But crisis management and chaos control is the standard day to day ops in that office, because they have yet to get anything under control, whatsoever.

I’d go insane if I had to go in there every single day. Good thing I don’t have to. Whew!

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