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“Crap happens.”

American Olympic sharpshooter Matthew Emmons, who was just one shot away from a second Olympic gold medal when he fired at the wrong target in the final round to fall out of medal contention.

Truer words have yet to be spoken.

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  1. Ha.. yeah mum told me about this on the phone today.
    It’s been a crazy Olympics I must say.. especially after watching the mens gymnastics tonight.. Woah chill dudes.

  2. The difference between the Shooting and the gymnastics is that in the first instance the competitor made the error, in the second the judges made the error. If Hamm had a shred of decency he would give up his gold and take the silver he actually won and think himself damn lucky to have got that with the train wreck he had on the vault. As it stands now his medal and reputation is tarnished, in years to come he can show it to his grandkids and say here is the olympic medal I didn’t win.

    (even though I’m anti bush I will refrain from the comparison)

  3. Haam did not win the Silver he won the Gold. If you watched the replay after replay the S Korean broke the rules… he did 4 holds instead of 3. So regardless how they judged him he STILL would have won the Silver.

    However as you pointed out yourself it’s nearly impossible to make any sort of sense to someone like you or atleast try and get someone like you to see the truth…


  4. Hey you can say what you like, he will always be remembered for the fact that a clerical error gave him the gold. I understand from watching Hamm on Letterman that if you watch carefully enough in slow motion then he should have got some more deductions that may have offset the 1/10 of a point but that is a error of judgement, somewhat excusable, not just a plain and simple addition error for which they suspended 4 officials.

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for Hamm, I was rooting for him all the way and cheered in awe when he pulled out all the stops after he screwed up the vault, but at the end of the day he didn’t quite do enough and that will always live with him.

    BEfore you go off slamming the South Koreans consider what the responce from the American public if roles were the other way around, especially when you consider that the Koreans have only won 6 Golds whereas the Americans have won 25.

    I don’t understand your second paragraph, I don’t see where I pointed out myself that it is nearly impossible to make any sort of sense to someone like me….. sorry I really don’t follow

  5. I didn’t “slam” South Koreans. I believe that ANY sort of derogatory comment about S. Koreans were made by someone other than me (even though I do take the other side. Haam won it fair and square)

    I didn’t really expect you to get the second paragraph. That was merely for my own amusement. But to break it down, you said you are anti-Bush and I just don’t understand how you guys think and you really just don’t make any sense. So yeah I can see how you don’t understand it..

    Lisa make me stop commenting late at night. :mrgreen:

  6. :: Puts rachel on moderation status between the hours of 10pm – 8am ::

    I’m seriously confused – – what does being pro- or anti-Bush have to do with this guy winning, or losing, the gold??

  7. Why is it so hard to make people like me, understand anything, I understood the first paragraph perfectly well, and understand the second one now that you have clarified. Just because I don’t support Bush does not make me an idiot, I just happen to think he is an ineffective president and feel that we would be better off with someone else at the helm. To clarify my comment I was going to infer that Bush , like Hamm technically won Silver but walked off with the Gold but it seemed a little off topic so I decided not to go there. However the little imp inside me couldn’t resist a subtle dig. (For the record, and to save you typing a big rebuttal, I do happen to believe that Bush won fair an square, I just can’t resist playing devils advocate)

  8. Oh I have all day for big rebuttals 😀

    So now I’m confused..
    How can Bush , like Hamm technically won Silver but walked off with the Gold and I do happen to believe that Bush won fair an square be your opinion? They contradict each other.

  9. Just because I write something does not necessarily personally support that statement, especially when I intend it as a jab specifically to inflame someone with a particular point of view, like I say I frequently play devils advocate.

    There are many people out there who think Bush cheated Gore out of the election, they point to many issues such as Gore winning the popular vote, and the potentially suspicious nature voting and recounting debacle in Florida (Especially the actions of Katherine Harris, Florida’s electoral supervisor now a republican congresswoman). However I don’t agree, Bush won the electoral college vote, and that at the end of the day is all that matters, just as Hamm will always be the Olympic champion. But both Bush and Hamm will always have doubt cast on their wins

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