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Chris and I just finished watching My Cousin Vinny for the umpteenth thousandth time in our life. Doesn’t matter how often I watch the movie, or how much time goes in between each viewing – that is still one of my most favorite all-time movies ever.

Joe Pesci and Maria Tomei are awesome together in that flick. If any girl on the earth can give those 1980’s, big-hair girls from New Jersey a good name – – she’d be it!

It must be the evening for watching movies we’ve seen a hundred times over. Now we’re watching Stargate with Kurt Russell and James Spader. I always found this one to be an utterly fascinating movie, too. Although, I have to say – the movie wouldn’t be much without James Spader — he makes the entire film.

Earlier this morning – I had to suffer through another movie…. Galaxy Quest – which is one of Chris’s favorite ‘junk films’ – as I like to call them.

Both he and I have to have noise going on in the background while we work – which is why we keep a rather large collection of films that we watch over and over again. Sometimes, we don’t even watch them – they just serve as background noise during long work hours. Today, we both spent the day in bed, in front of the TV with our laptops. Him working on his databases — me working on my designs and the computer based SQL Server interactive learning videos. All of that with our favorite films playing in the background that keep us both sane in between coffee and cuddle breaks. 🙂

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