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Since returning from our honeymoon last month, blogging here has been light, at best. I’ve gotten a few emails asking if I’m ever going to start blogging here regularly again. It seems since my return, I have very little time on my hands for actual blogging – – I’ve been mostly posting pictures and such.

To say the least, things have been downright hectic and busy around these parts. I love blogging – and really enjoy the interaction . . . but this blog is low on my list of priorities at the moment.

Back in March – I went on a self-imposed hiatus from E.Webscapes. It was kind of a hiatus, really – as I worked my butt off on client projects up until the very morning of our departure to NY for the wedding. When I returned from the SXSW conference in Austin (which I’m thrilled, by the way, to be working on the panel proposal for SXSW 2007 and excited that I’ve been asked to participate as a speaker again next year!) – I closed the order process at E.Webscapes so that I could work on the client projects I had in my queue. I wanted to make sure all projects were done and dusted before I took a full month off for the wedding and honeymoon.

It amounted to 5 full months of declining new orders and projects so that I could prepare. It’s a scary thing, really – when you have a business that you’ve worked real hard at building and maintaining for years and years . . then just turn off the hose, so to speak, for 5 months. I was worried about what to expect when I returned home and sat down to business-as-usual. Would it be business-as-usual? A lot can change in 5 months – and over the past year, it seems, everyone and their brother has opened up a design shop on the web.

I re-opened the order process on 7/17. Since then, it’s been a literal avalanche of work and new projects from clients new and old. I vowed, upon my return, that I would be more organized (something that is an ongoing battle). To help deal with the flow of orders coming in – E.Webscapes is thrilled and excited to bring a new designer to our team. Misty is our newest member and does some really nice work, if you’ve never seen her work and are interested – have a visit to her blog and take a gander at her design work. She has a very nice artistic style to her work and I’m excited to have her on board!

Things are rockin’ and rollin’ and keeping me on my toes and busier than I’ve ever been. Which is a good thing – cuz I only get into trouble when I’m idle.

snapper1155452058960.pngYesterday we launched the new site design for our hosting company at Blogs About Hosting that I had been working on for some time. That site was really overdue for a new look in a BIG way. Along with the new design launch – we also rolled out some great new packages for our clients. The best thing about it is – – the packages saw an increase in all the good stuff like disk space, bandwidth, mysql, subdomains, addon domains, etc… yet, the cost has all remained the same.snapper1155453365991.png More good stuff – – no price change – that rocks! With the popularity of tools like podcasting, vblogging, etc – we saw a need for increased resources for our clients (new and old) and wanted to respond with some great packages – so we up’d the ante and rolled out some great stuff. I’m pretty excited about the launch!

snapper1155453254056.pngWe also recently launched a new service (new to us, at least) at Blog Image Host which is a free photo and image hosting service. We did this in response to a great many of my blogspot design clients who wanted a reliable photo hosting service – – but, it also benefits our hosting clients who are looking to save a little room on their paid hosting account .. so they’re able to host large image files on our free hosting service, while preserving the disk space on their paid hosting account. Why do we do this for free? Simply put – because we can.

snapper1155453117875.pngI also launched a full and complete redesign of E.Webscapes upon my return. I had been working on that redesign a month or so before I left for my wedding/honeymoon – and completed it upon my return and launched that along with the re-opening of services there.

I’m seeing a theme here – – launch the new design along with a launch of new services. It must be something that goes hand in hand with me, or something, eh?

So, I’m not abandoning this blog here. Not in the least. It’s just that lately, my attentions have to be focused at work, on our clients and keeping things organized and running smoothly. I will blog here when I can – and try and visit folks when I’m able. if only there were more hours in a day!

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  1. Sure – send ’em over. I’ll sit down with them.. have coffee..tell them how wonderful I think you are – then send ’em right back. lol Could you just fly up to Wisconsin for a month or two and give me a hand up there? Tell Jen I promise to return yooooouuuuuu. :))

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