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We’re on the road back home from NYC. I really dislike the long drives back home .. they are much longer than the drive there .. or, at least, they seem so. Currently, we are about 50 miles east of Cleveland, headed West.

If this post is laden with typos, apologize up front, I’m posting this from Chris’s PDA Treo phone. It’s kinda cool .. Ilve been surfing the net and chatting with pals on Yahoo while we drive through the fields and plains back home. Gives me something to do anyways, while Chris listens to a Robert Ludlum book on CD. I never can get into audio books … my mind wanders to much.

We had great fun in NY over Turkey Day holidays. I have lots of fun pictures to share once I’m on my normal computer. Actually, I took a few pics with Chris’s phone to share with you to show you just how far out in the middle of nowhere we really are … but it seems that I can’t upload pics in WordPress via this phone, as the ‘browse’ button doesn’t show up. Ahh well, can’t be completely e-spoiled, can I?

Goping everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. Aren’t ya just jonesing to get back to work tomorrow?

Yea, me too.


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