Gobble. Gobble.


Turkey Fate Over the river and through the woods to .. umm . . Chris’s-mother-my-soon-to-be-mother-in-law-the-kids-soon-to-be-grandmother-in-law’s .. house we go!

I’ve heard the weather is just supposed to suck over on the East coast this week. A snippet of what I read today:

Residents in the higher elevations from western Virginia to central New York will change to wet snow at the end of this storm. Some areas may receive a slushy mix of rain and snow, while areas above 2,000 feet may have 1-3 inches of snow. The big story will be the extreme cold over the Thanksgiving weekend. An Alberta Clipper will move across the Great Lakes and into Northeast Wednesday night and Thursday, producing a band of light snow across the Great Lakes and the Northeast. Even the major cities like New York City and Philadelphia will have some light snow Thanksgiving Day. Extreme cold will following the clipper, with temperatures on Friday dipping into the 20s and 30s across the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, New England and the mid-Atlantic. Lake-effect snow will be heavy across western New York, where over 2 feet of snow is forecast.

So I’m worrying, of course, about people on the highways who inevitably break out into seasonal psychosis on the road at the initial sign of the first snowfall of the year. I’m voicing my concerns to Chris – – who tires, so easily, of my neurotic ramblings about my inevitable demise via trains, planes and automobiles.. who reminds me that we’re driving in a Yukon XL with a big deer catcher in the front. Well, it’s not really a deer catcher – – it’s those big bars.. ya know what I mean – whatever they’re called.

But, either way – we’re stocking up extra blankets, hats, mittens, gloves, etc – – ya know, just in case we get stranded out the in middle of nowhere in the freezing cold and our battery dies and we get snowed into our truck and can’t contact anyone because both our cell phones are dead and our OnStar system doesn’t work. We could freeze to death.

It. Could. Happen.

Anyways – – we’re off tomorrow! Won’t return until Monday. Have a Happy Turkey Day!

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8 thoughts on “Gobble. Gobble.”

  1. My 7 year old is already jumping up and down in anticipation of the snow…Having moved to MD from northern IL, it KILLS me how people out here lose all common sense when it comes to driving under weather conditions that involve precipitation. Good luck and have a safe (non psychotic) trip!

  2. You have a great Thanksgiving too! Since I’ve lived in Texas for so long, I don’t know if I could handle a trip to a state with the threat of snow!

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