Ok – here's the deal . .


It’s just one of those days. It’s 6:30 and I’ve made myself a drink.

Bailey’s on the rocks with a healthy shot of Grey Goose in it.

Here’s the deal . . .

This here is my personal blog. Emphasis on the word personal. Just because I don’t blog about work all the time, talk about work all the time, promote my work all the time doesn’t mean that I treat my business like I treat my personal blog. My personal blog is a hobby. My business is not a hobby.

I’m the type who likes to keep work and fun seperate. Blogging wouldn’t be any fun if all I did was blog about work, ya know?

Yes, yes – I know I used to blog about work – – I used to share the new designs we accomplish. I don’t do it anymore because this blog was feeling too much like work. That, and we’re so much busier now that if I blogged every new design and client – that’s all I’d ever blog about. Not that I blog about anything of great significance here.

I don’t.

That’s the point.

Occassionaly, I will drop a note on here about server issues if it’s something that I think is important, because there are those who will stop by here just to check and see if I’ve mentioned it. That’s fine. But I stopped blogging ALOT about my work because several folks were using my blog as a technical support area – – and that’s just not the case. This blog is NOT a reliable technical support area – – it’s why we have a specific area for support… and this ain’t it.

Also – if I blogged today? Doesn’t mean that I’m not working on your stuff. It just means I’ve taken a moment out of my day to say something really insignificant to anyone else but me (well, and maybe Leanne, Jeanette, Fred and Astro – – cuz they are nosey buggers. Oh, and Tim, because he’s mental — but that’s it).

Remember how it was when we were kids and we saw our teacher in the grocery store and thought “How odd! I thought they locked teachers in a cage in the school after the bell rang and let them out at 7am for the next day!! They ARE human! They HAVE a life!”

Yea. Like that.

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10 thoughts on “Ok – here's the deal . .”

  1. oh…my…gawd.

    It’s not a hobby???? Shit. I could have sworn it was a hobby. Especially when you were IMing me like every 10 seconds for three days wondering if I was done yet with that illustration you needed to finish your job.


    Hey, what the heck are you doing over here blogging? Get to work!


  2. Nosey? NOSEY? I am NOT nosey. I’m ON TOP OF THINGS. Do you see the difference, huh? Sheez.

    Besides, I thought all your time was being taken up by wedding planning. Isn’t that your new job? 😛

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