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Don’t swat a fly that’s sitting on your monitor and then attempt to do any type of graphical work on it.

I kept trying to use my digital eraser to take the smudges off the image.


Breakfast, anyone?

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5 thoughts on “Helpful Tip”

  1. There are a few things terribly wrong with this entry, let’s review.

    1. It was posted 4:52 AM.
    2. You’re swatting at flies at 4:52 AM.
    3. You used the words “graphical work” at 4:52 AM.

    What are you, dedicated? I thought that whole “design” thing was just a hobby? 😐


  2. Tammy doesn’t like the fly blood. She’s totally icking out over it! ha!

    Just WAIT until she sees the picture i’m posting here later today.

    Fun! Fun! :mrgreen:

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