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For serious coffee drinkers only 🙂

Last year, we purchased one of these totally-not-practical-espresso-makers. We LOVED it. We used it every single day…multiple times a day.

In December, it broke. I was heartbroken…saddened…despondant. I had to go back to my regular, generic espresso maker. I had to grind my own beans, for crying out loud! I had to pay attention to the brewing because my boring espresso maker wasn’t programmed down to the exact ounce of water to use for my espresso shot! Oh. The. Horror!

Because the machine had a 2-year warranty on it – – we packed it up and headed to our local Starbuck’s for a replacement. But! They didn’t have a replacement in stock! (aaarrgghh!) – So, they gave us a full refund, which we planned to spend on the new replacement. A replacement, which they stated they would order in, immediately.

Problem was . . . they didn’t know until they placed the order for the replacement, that Starbucks discontinued that model! They had put out a new, fancier, geekier, digital version of the one we already had.

What?? An upgrade to our beloved espresso machine?? Oh joy! Oh rapture! Oh – they wouldn’t have one in stock until April!!! grrrr.

So we called. Every. Single. Starbucks. In. Wisconsin.

Everyone was out of stock. Every single store said they wouldn’t be in production until March, and available in stores in April. What’s a spoiled-to-death coffee lover to do?

Since Decmeber, I’ve been making do with my generic, boring, non-technical, un-fancy espresso maker from hell.

Until yesteday! Being April 1st – of COURSE I called to find out if my local store had one. They didn’t. BUT! The store in Fox Point (about a 30 min drive south) had one. I put on my shoes . . . hopped in the truck – and brought home the newest member of our household:

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3 thoughts on “Starbucks Italia”

  1. Im so envious of you right now! I was literally gawking yesterday at this machine at our local starbucks…

    You need to have a cap’ party… Id so be there!

    (nice blog btw)

  2. Mine just broke – second one in 1.5 years. And….the model has been discontinued!


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