My Poor Packers


14 -7 – They lost to the Giants. Farve did not look like a happy boy . . guess you can’t blame them – this is the third loss in a row. Is it a slump? Or is this indicative of how the entire season is going to go? /sigh

Zee is a great gal! I really enjoy her personality and wit . . and she’s got a great blog going over by her – -you should give her a visit, a read and a comment or two

She contacted me to skin her site – which was no small task, indeed! She had very specific requests with graphics, colors, layout schemes – the whole bit. We got it accomplished this evening, with only one more small touch to go. I’ll get that done in the morning, Zee – – I promise! 🙂

Zee took advantage of the deal I have going for skins – PHP site skinning in either WordPress or MT – the package comes with two skins and PHP skinning ability . . 1st skin is regular price, second one is 1/2 off and the PHP skinning plugin installation is free with the package. As a matter of fact, she was so early on the package – I haven’t even had the chance to roll the special out on our site yet — which I will do in the A.M. on both Blogs About and E.Webscapes.

Aside from some great new skins – Zee also has some wonderful posts over there. Here are just a few that I enjoyed:

Newsweek Poll: Kerry Won
Told Jah So!

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8 thoughts on “My Poor Packers”

  1. How can you look happy when you get hit that hard? I’m surprised he could see clearly enough with a concussion to throw that touchdown.

    He’s like the Michael Jordan of football, only, Michael’s team kept on winning those championships. =D

    Now i’m going to leave before I get slapped, heh.

  2. OMG! Hi Lisa – I love both new skins! The wonderwoman-type graphic RULES! I am so excited 🙂 Thank you thank you!

    Sorry to hear about Favre – not good news at all. How long will he be out? Panthers lost yesterday big time to the Falcs 🙁

  3. Zee!! Hey the ideas and concepts were all yours – – from your brain to my fingers! 😀

    Hopefully Farve won’t be out too long. Knowing him, he’ll be back out on Sunday.

  4. I waited the whole game for Brett to run around in circles…didn’t happen. 😉 I can snark on the Packers…I used to live in Wisconsin, LOL.

  5. What’s this skinning deal and how can I get in on it? (I also would like to know about some scripts because I’ve bungled the weather script and music script you’ve previously reported about.)

    Hep a sistah out? 🙂

    margi [at] margilowry [dot] com

    Please? 😛

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