J. is preparing for an interview this week, and he contacted me for a new skin for his blog. We collaborated and came up with just the look that he wanted – – a conservative theme with all of the great conservative minds, past and present, that have influenced J.

J. is an author and is currently in the process of writing a book. He’s promised me a sneak peek at a few of the first chapters – and I can’t wait to view them. Judging by his excellent writing style on his blog – his book is sure to be a winner! Go on over and give him a visit, sit awhile and read some great commentary. Here are a few of my recent favs from the brain of J. :

Right But Wrong
Conservative . .

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2 thoughts on “J.T.L.”

  1. Lisa,

    Our collaboration was one in which I asked you to design and you did all the work – spectacularly I might add. For the readers edification, I expressed an interest in a design and provided only a few details. Once I saw the completed project, my jaw hit the floor. It was as I had imagined…and more.

    Lisa is simply fabulous.:smile:

  2. J. – you say the nicest things, thank you 🙂

    If I didn’t say it already, good luck with your interview! Break a leg. Knock ’em dead. Insert some other pithy cliche’ here! 😀

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