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A Style Contest by the developers of Six Apart (of Movable Type fame) have opened up a style contest for designers who want to try their hand at developing standard styles for Movable Type, TypePad and/or Live Journal.

I WISH I had time in my schedule for this – – but sadly, don’t. The deadline is May 15th to have your submissions in. That is right in the midst of some heavy wedding planning. But YOU! If you’re a designer (beginner, intermediate or expert skill levels) give it a shot!

Joelle and Kathy are part of the panel of judges, along with several other talented folk. If only I were doing submissions… I could blackmail Joelle with karaoke videos! Uh… well, if she woulda sucked – that woulda worked. But she didn’t.. so, I’ll get married instead.

Six Apart Style Contest
Give it a shot!

Guess WordPress won’t be the only platform out there with a plethora of plug-n-play styles, eh?

Did I just say plethora? Heh – I did.

4 thoughts on “MT Style Contest”

  1. OH. MY. GOD.

    There’s video!?!? I saw you with the camera while I was getting down to whatever the hell I was singing… Capt’n and Tennille? LOL! Hawt. (and thanks!)

  2. I don’t care what anyone says about it.. you ROCKED the Capt’n and Tennille bit! I was really hoping for a “Muskrat Love” encore — but then, I WAS feverish! ha!:-j

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