Killing Me Softly


SSoftly? There’s nothing soft about, it really – that just made for a good post title.. ya know, cuz of the song and all.

Whatever. My diet/exercise/fitness thing started on Dec. 26th – day after Christmas. My hard goal? To hit a size 8. Have I gotten there? Nope. I did drop 4 sizes, though – from a comfortable size 16 to a comfortable size 12… and an uncomfortable size 10. This means I can do a size 10, that is – if I don’t want to sit down all evening for fear of splitting the seam in my jeans/pants/skirt..

I still have three months to go for the wedding. Quite honestly? I’ll be happy if I hit that comfortable size 10 by the wedding day. The size 8 was kind of one of those goals you set – – knowing FULL WELL you won’t really get there – – but even if you could get 1/2 way there, you’d be thrilled. My original weight loss count was 22lbs and counting… and then I fell off that wagon and put back on 7 of those. Dammit. I think I let the diet die sometime around my trip to Austin for SXSW – – then I got sick, then I got well… then life got busy… and the diet/fitness routine got screwed up and took a back seat. Amazing how fast the pounds go back on.. compared to how hard it is to get them off.

With three months to go – I’m hitting it hard again starting this week. I’ve been killing myself on the treadmill and torturing myself with the Bowflex. I added some spice to my workout routine and purchased the 5 DVD Disc Set of Carmen Electra’s Striptease Aerobics. I seriously have a new found respect for those strippers, let me tell you – those girls work HARD! It’s a really fun workout that I, of course, do when the kids are in school. I could only imagine my kids walking in on this and reacting with “Oh MOM GROSS!” hahaha!

So I’ve been spending my early mornings shakin’ my butt and wiggling around with muscles I OBVIOUSLY haven’t been using because it HURTS!

My ass, my abs, my thighs, my shoulders.. they are ALL in pain.

My daughter has been keeping up with me pretty good, though – – not with the striptease aerobics of course.. but she’ll come home from school and say “How many minutes of the aerobics/treadmill did ya do Mom?” .. I’ll say “40 minutes”.. then she’ll hop on the treadmill for 40 minutes to match what I did.

As soon as the weather warms up just a bit – – her and I are going to go for daily walks when she gets home from school. Poor girl – – she inherited the Sabin bubble butt and I feel her pain.

So, I’m killing myself over here for some type of gain (or loss) that I’m sure will make me happy, right? RIGHT?

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7 thoughts on “Killing Me Softly”

  1. First, more women should have a bubble butt, so you and Melissas should feel blessed to have one! =p~

    I know what you mean abotu falling off the wagon. I think about a year ago I lost somewhere around forty pounds (about 225 to 185 lbs). I wasn’t overly heavy, but a little heavier than I wanted to be. Sadly, they all found me again (mostly due to my cooking). I think I should probably get to losing about 25 of those pounds again, since that was a good comfortable since and hopefully shouldn’t be so much work to maintain.

    Finally, I got a nice shiny quarter for you if you’re accidentally finishing up the strip tease workout when Melissa or the boy bring friends over… >:)

  2. Only a quarter? Pffft, man – make it worth it at LEAST! :p

    You and Chris are of the same mind on the bubble butt thing – he’d take J. Lo over Carmen Electra any day! Just to let ya know – – while Carmen’s video is great fun.. the woman has NO butt to speak of!

    If they are gonna provide a workout like this – – at least give a girl something to look at! Sheesh.

    This weight loss thing has been a LOT of work. I really, really, really wish they’d come off as easy as they go on!:@)

  3. At the very least you should leave the workout videos out so the kids find them and threaten them with “Next time you screw up, I’ll make sure to be working out when you have a date over…” :d

    That’s just one more sign of Chris’s obvious intelligence and good taste.

    Oh yes, going off as easy would be sooooooo nice…

  4. Oh they are so much fun! The fact that I have the house entirely to myself when I break out the DVD’s helps lessen the “feeling like a dipshit” aspect of it LOL

    That second DVD, though – – in the series? There is nothing stiptease about that DVD and it’s all isolated, isometric, toning/tightening exercises.. damn when I’m finished with that DVD I am cursing Carmen Electra UP and DOWN for making my body ache! @-)

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