Maintenance Fun


Spending the morning doing routine maintenance to our web servers – sounds like an extreme blast, doesn’t it? It’s a necessary evil. By the by, Blogs About Hosting is now offering domain name registration services, that includes a privacy protection feature that allows our clients to keep their domain registration WHOIS information private and away from prying eyes.

What is domain WHOIS information?.

Just one more way of helping our clients protect themselves, their privacy and their identity, on the internet. 🙂

I’m on call for Hospice today. I only have TWO MORE DAYS left of this job – – Tuesday is my last official day as a full time RN for them. I will be working for them on a very part-time, per diem, basis, but that’s it. I’m excited, nervous and thrilled to pieces. Working from home is a challenge, to be sure – – but I’m self-motivated and pretty organized, so I’m confident that I won’t have issues with it. Plus, summer is almost over – so the poolside won’t be quite as appealing as it has been. 😉

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  1. Congratulations Lisa you are about to begin the road of one of the many goals you have had set for yourself. You will be successful there is no doubt in my mind for you have all it take to do this. You go girl this is a lifetime opportunity grab it and run as only you can do.:grin:

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