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1. RE: Your blog – when did you start and what made you do it?

I started online journalling in 1995. I started using blog programs in 2000. My very first blog was run off Blurty’s servers. I moved from that, to MT and then to WordPress. Why did I start? I like having a place to rant, rave, babble and mumble about.

2. RE: Someone else’s blog: Is there someone who runs a blog that inspired or inspires you to start and maintain your own? Who are they and what is so special about them?

Back in the day, it was Donna who turned me onto using Blurty as a blog program. It was cute and fun – but severly lacked in flexibility and user controlled content management. Does anyone inspire me to keep blogging? Nah, just me and my warped sense of self importance, thinking that anyone actually reads and finds value here. Hey – for those of you who read and find value here – – thank you! 🙂

3. Show me the linkage! Give us some blog linkage that contain some of your favorite posts and content – – who are they? Why are you linking them?

I’ve had Christine over at Infinite Pink on my blogroll since day one. She’s artsy, witty, fun and way cool. Reading her always delivers the goods!

Michael is being forced to buy sunflower seeds against his will. This nonconsensual seed consumption is just an example of the funny posts over there. Give ’em a visit – tell him I said hey.

Lawren has had a week full of guest bloggers over there. It’s been a fun week on her blog.

We have quite a few links that give great information about helping support our troops over at Right Voices. The posts are here, here, and here.

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