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18 thoughts on “lolcat alignright”

  1. I switched the wife on to that site this week, she is loving it! =))
    In other news, I am getting a lot of traffic from Lifehacker today because of my post on using iGoogle tabs to increase productivity, my first real bit of traffic! :-ss

  2. Stevie – I could spend hours on that site. It’s pathetic, really. l-)

    In other good news – – Congrats on your traffic boost! And here I thought your first real bit of traffic happened the day *I* showed up. LOL

    I kid! I kid! *going to read your iGoogle post now*

  3. LOL =))

    That took me 3 seconds to realize what the [lolcat align=”right”] tag was about! and then I actually laughed. =)) Those cats are cute! It’s like they’re demonstrating how html is done. lol

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