Is it really over?


Ok – so I mentioned that Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, but I think I also neglected to mention that I’m pretty happy when it’s all over! How exhausting it all is – – the shopping, the preparation, the gatherings with all those young nieces and nephews! Oy!

We had a great Christmas this year. Everyone is happy and healthy and in relatively good moods – which makes for nice family gatherings, doesn’t it? The Christmas gifts were all well recieved. The eggnog had just the right amount of brandy in it. It even snowed on Christmas morning!

We were so exhausted after Christmas dinner last night – we left my folks house at 6pm . . . came home and promptly fell into bed and went fast to sleep until morning.

Of course, the day after Christmas means that the holidays are officially over and it’s time for me to get caught up on all the work I put off because of the holiday bustle – but the big bonus is, I’m sitting here working with a brand new Shiatsu Chair Massager attached to my office chair, courtesty of my man:

MilestonesSamira had contacted me for a skin for her Blogger blog over at Milestones. Being very specific about her color choices and design – she got skinned on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas, Samira! She has a nice site over there with some interesting and fun postings. Go visit – say hi!

Parrot Check Craig, over at Parrot Check is one of the newest members of our Blogs About community. He explained the meaning behind his site name: Parrot Check is a military term that pilots use when we check in with Command and Control assets. The Command and Control guys check to make sure that our IFF is properly working, so that is were I got Parrot Check from. I learn something new in this business every day! Go visit. Say Hi!

Hans Bricks Arvin, over at Hans Bricks is also a new member of our Blogs About community. Arvin has got a brand new blog over there – – – and I’m thinking Arvin has something either for, or against, Hans Blicks. Go visit. Say Hi!

That about does it for work today! Plenty more to do – – with plenty of new blogs coming your way before the first of the year!

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  2. I am extending a special bloggy thanks to Lisa here and also on my blog for her extremely generous Christmas spirit. And, all because I sometimes land a funny comment here and there. Yup, that’s me … the Blogland Comment Comedian.

    (Hell of a lot easier than doing stand up, I say.)

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