Is it Monday already?


Actually, it is. I just looked at my clock and it’s officially 1:30am here. Why am I still up? Why am I ever . . . just because I don’t blog about insomnia, doesn’t mean its still not kicking my ass six ways ’till Sunday. I’ve pretty much resigned myself with the understanding that I shall sleep when I am dead. Really, why fight it anymore – it’s exhausting….and yet, not exhausting ENOUGH! Heh. It does leave me wondering what life would be like if I had a normal sleep pattern. Would it be different? Would I see the world differently? Relate to people differently?

So, my weeks have been filled with writing. I think I’m getting the hang of it — good thing, too, hey? As of 3/1 the book is officially 50% completed! Of course, I’ve left the hardest 50% for last – so I’m sure the next 6 weeks will kick my butt some. It’s fun, though – it’s not all brain drain and work. I’ve met some really super people through the process of writing this book. Last week, I was on the phone more often than not, conducting some interviews with some WordPress-sy type people. I called Joelle to do a quick interview with her on some work she’s done — and it turned out to be a 3 hour phone call! Neither one of us could afford the time, really – but she’s great fun to chat with – since we haven’t really spoken much since last March – we had TONS to catch up on. Despite a three hour chat and a few other interviews – I ended up totally rocking my deadline on 3/1 – so it’s going pretty good. 4/19 is my final deadline and Wiley is looking to publish in July ’07 – I’m pretty excited!

I’m also tickled pink and happy to announce the hiring of the newest addition to E.Webscapes. Lindsey Hardegree has been a long time client and friend of mine for the past 2 years, and when I posted about hiring an assistant – she emailed and let me know she was interested. I’m happy to report that Lindsey and I sealed the deal this week and she’s already gotten her feet wet! I’m really looking foward to working with her – she has an enviable amount of energy, she’s organized and has a keen sense of all things internet related.

Backing up a bit, I need to explain for anyone who happens to be following along.. About a month ago, I hired a good friend of mine to fill the Asst. Project Manager position and we were both excited to start things rolling. Very unfortunately, and unexpectedly, she recieved some upsetting news about the health of her youngest son and I did not blink an eye when she told me that she just had to focus her priorities on her family now. We both mutually agreed that this just wasn’t the right time. If you have a moment drop by Chelle’s blog and keep her in your thoughts.

During the course of writing, I keep music or the TV going in the background just for noise (I can’t stand the quiet, you know)….and I just have to ask – – is Anna Nicole Smith really THAT newsworthy? Really, I must have missed the memo. My take? She profited, or attempted to profit, off the death of an old billionaire. Now people are attempting to profit off her death. What goes around, comes all the way back around, as they say. Actually, as my great grandma used to say ..”Those types….they’ll get their come uppins”. But really – constant coverage on the news? I wasn’t sure if I was watching FoxNews or E! Between Anna Nicole and Britney’s bald head — I had to wonder if it was just a REALLY slow news week….or if its just a testement of where our heads are at, as a society.

Turning off the TV – I pretty much stayed with Norah Jones and her new CD, Corrine Bailey Rae and Christina Aguilera – preparing myself for her concert we’re going to in April, and all! I’m pretty excited about it.. we have AMAZING seats! With that – I leave you with a little Christina:

Christina Aguilera – Candyman

12 thoughts on “Is it Monday already?”

  1. What is a normal sleep pattern? Oh sure, people will point to the studies that say say “8 hours each night” but how many people do you know do that? That’s like saying the US RDA is what we should eat. Please.

    I’ve lived on an average of 5 hours of sleep per night for over 11 years now… on the rare chances I can sleep more I am usually up after 6 hours.

    Sleep, in my mind, is for people who cannot tolerate caffeine.

    Better stock up on Sharpies…. you know, so you can autograph your book!

  2. We tried to get tickets for Norah but couldn’t. I kinda forgot to update my e-mail for her fan club and I’m not sure there were a dozen tickets left after the presales for the Minneapolis show.

    At least we have tickets to Harry Connick, Jr., even if Ticketmaster did royally screw us on seats. But that’s a rant for another post…

  3. Charlie – my fellow sleep sufferer 🙂 5 hours would be a dream come true. I laugh in the face of sleep conventions and blaze my own trail into the wee hours of morning. Plus, I have a unusually high tolerance for caffiene 🙂

    Book signings are a ways off – – I have to finish the darn thing first! 😀

  4. That’s sad news about Norah. 🙁 That would be a great concert to see. Me? I’m waiting for Tori Amos to bring her tour to the states! I’m first in line for those tix.

    Harry Connick, Jr – – now there’s a show worth spending some hard earned dough on!

  5. Thankfully, my insomnia has abated. For now. At least until my hormones gear up for more fun than you can handle in the wee hours of the morning.

    So glad you’re meeting your deadlines on your book. 🙂 And, HA HA, I liked your pun after mentioning Britney’s bald head about this being where our heads are at as a society. 😛

  6. My aren’t you quick, Jeanette? I hadn’t even planned the pun – and yet, there it is. 🙂 Good to hear your insomnia is at a minimum:)

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  8. Woo hoo! Thanks for the mention :-)!

    I still need to listen to the new Norah Jones CD . . . we’re selling them at Starbucks, so that might be something I need to invest in ;-)!

  9. We saw Norah on her last two tours (one small auditorium, one big), so at least we’ve seen her before.

    It’s been several years since we’ve seen Harry Connick (not sure we’ve seen him since the Star Turtle tour) and he ALWAYS puts on a great show. His new (mostly) instrumental album (the french titled one, not NOLA) is excellent and easily one of my favorites of his. We tried getting 6 tickets to his show here and couldn’t so I went for 2 groups of 3 on two computers in the office. Had both groups in about the 20th row center with two or three people between us. One went through then ticketmaster decided to slow down so the other group ran out of time and is in the top third. At least the Orpheum is small without a really bad seat, but it still ROYALLY pissed me off!!!!!!

    It’s also been a VERY expensive month for tickets… First Harry, then The Police, and now we got tickets for Mama Mia and are taking mrs. knight’s parents with us. Time to get that tax return in so we can get the big money in!!!

  10. Linds – the Norah CD is totally worth the investment. God I love her voice! 🙂

    Astro – what was the very first concert you ever attended?

    I’m really embarassed by this — but my very very first concert?
    Lionell Richie. Yes, it’s true. The tickets were a birthday present from a guy who thought I could be easily wooooo’d with a live rendition of “Say You, Say Me”.

    Go ahead. Make fun. :p

  11. Oh, and any Norah CD or DVD is worth the investment. LOVE her House of Blues DVD with the version of What Am I To You she did there completely killing the version on Feels Like Home IMHO…

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