I'll Post Pictures – I Promise!


Since the year 2000 – George W. Bush has been to Wisconsin approximately a dozen times. There were 5 of those times that I came sooooooooooo close to going to hear him speak. One of those times I had the chance to meet him, in person – and shake his hand. Each of those times, I either got sick or couldn’t get off work to go. I once had a Democrat for a boss – – when I asked her if I could have 2 hours off during the day to go listen to Bush speak and have the chance to meet him personally (it was a talk he was giving at the Wisconsin Medical College and only 50 people were invited – – I was lucky enough to have the right connections to get myself a ticket) – her response to me was , “If you were asking for two hours off to go get your nails done – you’ve got it. But to go see that monkey? Nope.” So…I didn’t go then either.

But tomorrow! Tomorrow is a different story! I cleared it with my boss to be off tomorrow at noon. He’s going to be in Mequon, WI to speak at Concordia College’s Commencement Ceremony. I’m not going to the Commencement Ceremony – but there is a “Greet The President” prior to the speech . . and with a little help from my mother (who made phone calls like a madwoman) – we got connected with the right people within the Wisconsin Republican Assoc. – and we’re going to the greet!

I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled tomorrow at 1:15 – and I’ve already re-scheduled.

You betcha I’m bringing my camera – – look here tomorrow evening for pictures! 😀

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