Holiday Spirit


I heard on the TV today that there are only 40 shopping days left until Xmas!


4. 0.

Four. Zero.

Ok – where did the time go? Who took it? Exactly WHO made off with the time?

To get myself into the holiday spirit (and to gear myself up for all that shopping!) – I decorated myself. Well, my blog, anyways. Hopefully this will spark your holiday spirit, too!

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22 thoughts on “Holiday Spirit”

  1. Oh and by the by, I loooove that christmas skin – I was just looking at the website of that artist a few days ago and thought about using that same picture. Dammit you beat me! lol

  2. UG – yes, I did it just to make you scream!

    And thanks for the comment on the skin – – your Xmas one is coming soon!

    Margi’s too!

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. /singing

  3. Shopping days, Gary – are any day of the year, 24/7. Any day is a good day for shopping!

    I try not to shop on the weekends – – especially during the holidays. I value my sanity too much for that!

  4. Love the look, but isn’t it too early for Christmas? Can’t we get past Thanksgiving before we start thinking about Christmas? I know the stores have had things out the week before Halloween, but now its like these holidays are trying to take more then their alloted time, but what is that alloted time anymore. Sorry didn’t mean to rant, just not ready for the Christmas season yet. Too much to get done first.

  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Lisa spanked my spirit!!!! 😈

    Dang, that reminds me, though. I still have like 2 Christmas presents to get so I can be all done with my Christmas shopping.

  6. That doesn’t help at all, Astro – and you know it!

    You’ve driven me to hit the Tom & Jerry’s or the hot buttered rum a bit early this year!

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