You Know You're From Milwaukee When . . .


Found over at Lost In Wisconsin.

You’ve been to the Rep and could smell beer, brats, and kraut.

You drive around with little Green Bay Packers flags on your car.

You and your friends spend all day Sunday drinking at the bar, bashing the Cubs.

You don’t know that Schlitz, Blatz, and Pabst aren’t brewed in Milwaukee anymore

You know people who have tied dead animals to the hoods of their cars.

You know what a “Supper Club” is.

You’ve eaten beer, brats, and kraut for breakfast.

You think “The Safe House” is better than Disneyworld.

You won’t let a car from out of state go faster than you.

You call Air Force Ones Dookies

No matter where you go you see the Jesus Car – and can’t understand what’s coming out the speakers

You cruised Hwy 100 or Sherman Ave

To you, Martin Luther King Drive is still 3rd St. and Cesar Chavez Drive is still 16th St

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Milwaukee.

I actually get all of those jokes! The Safe House!! OMG ! 😀

A few additions of my own:

1. You’re driving downtown and you smell yeast and it’s not bread.
2. You don’t do the ‘neighborly’ think and help pick up garbage in Veteran’s Park.
3. You worry when the blue light on top of the gas building flickers.
4. You still call it “County Stadium”

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10 thoughts on “You Know You're From Milwaukee When . . .”

  1. Glad to be here. Tried checking you out before but something was messed up with my connection or something. Nice that it’s finally fixed!!!

    Nah, Milwaukee isn’t all that complicated. You cheeseheads are pretty simple people… :twisted::razz:

  2. pabst shlitz blatz hams old style are still brewed in milwaukee theyve either had their recepie bought by miller or are contract brewed by miller brewing

  3. Real Milwaukeean

    Completely lame. Whoever made this list probably lives in West Allis or Greenfield and just tells everyone they’re from Milwaukee.

  4. you know your from milwaukee if..
    1)you refuse to go north of the viaduct after 10pm
    2)you refuse to go south of the viaduct after 10pm
    3)you`ve never paid to get in the museum thanks to good old mondays..
    4)you have to pay for brewers tickets and dont get`em free at BP stations.
    5)you know ahmed from the citgo on the corner.
    6)you pay more than $800 a month for a 2 bed apartment in a complex!
    7)you refuse to goto northpoint park.
    8)you love northpoint park and like showing of your chrome and your tats and big dog.
    9)you refuse to do the brewery tour.
    10)you never went to uw milwaukee.
    11)you hate drinking on water street

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