Warm House . . Cold Flies


I seem to have a fly problem. (see previous post where Tammy ick’d out over the Smudges-O-Fly-Blood.. and Leanne yelled at me for working at damned near 5am in the morning … and Jeannette offered to plan my whole entire wedding… well, that’s the way I saw it anyways!)

Ok. So.

Back to my fly problem.

It’s getting cold outside. We’ve started burning fires in the house on a regular basis – using both fireplaces, up and downstairs. You’d be surprised how well a fire can heat a room (yes, we’ve answered the President’s call of duty to conserve engery!)

So it’s very warm in here.

The flies outside are very cold. Poor little flies, shivering their very wings right off! Who can blame them for seeking refuge in our warm home?

Problem is… they’ve found a secret hole in the wall, or something – because they are coming in by the dozens! Leanne suggested that they may be coming down the chimney between fires, because I usually always leave the flue open.

They buzz my head while I try to work and it drives me absolutely insane! So, I was chatting with Leanne on the phone yesterday . . and she suggested putting up fly tape. That sticky stuff that captures them, and does not let them go.

Because Chris is always Mr. Prepared – he has everything you could ever need or want in the garage. Believe it or not – I found fly tape!

I had NO friggin idea how many flies had invaded our home.

Click below – don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Fly tape rocks! There HAS to be at least 3 dozen on there:

How about a close-up? Just for Tammy:

Beautiful. Lovely. Fly. Tape!

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11 thoughts on “Warm House . . Cold Flies”

  1. What? *said in a high squeaky voice* Plan your wedding? I was blithely ignoring that suggestion you made in your comments awhile back, but you had to go and put it in the first paragraph of this post like a neon pink sign in Las Vegas. Woman. I am still recovering from the stress of MY wedding. Eeep!

    You know, I was watching Survivor awhile back and they had clouds of gnats surrounding their heads. They said their problem was alleviated by taking a shower. Have you tried that, huh? HUH?


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