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A girl has got to know her limitations, right? I leave the art type stuff to people I KNOW have the talent for such things… Leanne, my Mom… An artist I am NOT. I am even art-challenged when it comes to drawing stick people. Let’s just say my stick people are . . . abstract, ok?

However, I am never one to give up hope that there may be an artistic bone in my body, when it comes to drawing. So, I thought I’d dip into the ol’ business expense account and invest in a Wacom tablet to see what fun I could have. I did find that it makes my life SO MUCH easier when it comes to editing and modifying vector illustrations – – so that, alone, makes the investment worth it.

But free hand drawing? Pfft! The Wacom arrived was delivered to the house yesterday. I opened it – – installed the necessary programs and then opened up my Corel Paint – 12 .. and this is what resulted:

Not Sure What This Is

Inspiring, isn’t it? ha!

Maybe just a smidge more practice?

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  1. I bought a wacom tablet for the same reasons…1) make life easier when editing vectors, and 2) maybe, just maybe I might be able to actually create something myself. 😉

    Congrats on the expense writeoff…er…purchase. 😛

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