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A buncha blogs caught my hazel-green irises over the past few days:

Branille at Sit Down & Relax commented here a few times – so I checked her out. What a cutie rubber duck blog! Although, since she blogged about it, my recommendation would be that she make the move to WordPress. Just my opinion, mind you. 😉

John at Castle Argghhh! runs a fabulous miliblog. Who says size doesn’t matter?

Adam takes a break and offers emailed funnies. I forwarded that one to a few people….ha!

Meanderings offering blogging as therapy.

Saved this one for last – so pay attention. Go over and give Dizzy Girl some of your thoughts and well wishes to her and her family – – Her nephew was killed in Iraq. My condolences, D Girl – – go wish her well. (via Vinny)

4 thoughts on “Freshly Blogrolled”

  1. Blogging as therapy,,,yep, guess it falls into that catagory too! I know I got a few comments from my ‘significant other’ about the present tense I used in “I know a few hardy guys” instead of I KNEW a few. Well, I still know them, just not as well anymore!!! *L* Enjoy your blog, quite interesting, will be linking to it from mine if you don’t mind.

  2. I don’t mind at all – and thank you 🙂

    Hubbys need to worry about you knowing a few hardy guys lol – it keeps them on their toes!

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