Football Fans for Truth


Football Fans for Truth. The Footies! Spreading the truth around the athletic myth that is John Kerry. Too funny!

Found via Grub.

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14 thoughts on “Football Fans for Truth”

  1. I’m sure if you looked you’d find plenty of pictures of Bush caught on camera at the wrong moment too. Actually, sound files of Bush’s semi-literate ramblings would be more entertaining!

  2. I was going to post about what a sexy bitch that guy is (not) then I read the comments. Without fail there is always someone in there saying something along the lines of “thats just a bad picture .. but listen to Bush speak..”..

    Or something very similar..

    I think the next time someone says that to me I’m going to tell them to get naked.. and go get some water and a generator.. That might make noone laugh but me.. but that is all that matters when you’re grouchy…. and my rambling is done. 👿

  3. The point I was making is that there are probably similar pictures of Bush around, so putting a picture of someone-you-don’t-like-in-a-stupid-pose on a blog doesn’t really make much of a point.

  4. Tim – lightenup man . . . it’s humor, don’t you get it? It may not have done anything for you – – but I find it humerous! And hey, since it’s my blog – that’s really all that matters.

    Btw, I don’t need a “point” to what I post. Is there some rulebook that I”m not following here?

  5. Obviously you can put whatever the hell you want in your own blog! But … if you came across a picture of Bush looking dumb would you publish that if it was funny? I mean, presumably your “point” is to show someone you don’t like looking stupid?

  6. Well, thank you for clarifying, Tim 🙂

    Actually, my point was to link to the “Football Fans for Truth” page – and I used one of their pictures to do it.

    See, that website is a take off from the “Swiftboat Vets for Truth” – a parody, if you will. Which, for anyone following the Swiftboat Vets issues, ads and statements through this election season – that person might find the Football Fans for Truth a tad bit funny.

    My point wasn’t to make Kerry look stupid – but to point to a website that made him look stupid – and who makes light of some of the more serious charges levelled against him.

    Tim! I can’t believe I have to explain all of this to you.

    And, I very well may post a picture of Bush that makes him look funny – – depending on the context of the post.


  7. Hey, I don’t know about the “Swiftboat Vets for Truth” – I’m just some Brit that wanders past here every now and again because you’re, well, strangely interesting (don’t read anything in to that)

  8. Stupid pictures are funny. They just are. And so was getting naked, water and a generator. The other thing that always makes me laugh is when someone tells a beggar they’re from Canada and therefore cannot give them money. It also works for solicitors outside of a grocery store. In fact, I’ve started telling beggars that I’m from Canada, too. Ha!

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