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H. dropped in our live support chat yesterday and requested two banners for his TypePad blog over at Cafe HedonisitX. Not only did I design his banners for him – – but found a nice lunch buddy should I ever venture into the SF Bay area in Cali! He’s a football fan and a Bush supporter . . so, yea, I’d buy him a beer or two!

He also turned me onto a nice blog I hadn’t read before : The Blog Maverick – the mark cuban weblog. So far, I’m finding it a very good read, and thanks to JF for turning me on to it. Yay! Two new blogs to add to my blogroll today 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Cafe HedonistiX”

  1. Lisa:

    Thanks for the mention and inclusion into your blogroll.

    Yes, a “football” and “soccer” fan (grew up as a “soccer” fan, transplanted “football” fan).

    And yes, a Bush supporter living in San Francisco …..:grin:

    I’m glad I got in touch with you and quite honored to be blogroll-ed by you.

    {waving to Lisa’s blog buddies}

    (This is how I usually refer to meself online)

  2. –H: you’re more than welcome. I always like to give my clients some linkage whenever I can 🙂

    You are a rare breed out there in SanFran, that is for sure! 😀

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