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And so ends my blog fun over at Dean’s World – – and for some reason, when I talk about his blog, I have the overwhelming urge to call it Wayne’s World.

Party on, Dean.

Anyways – I met some great people over there. Like my fellow guest posters who are my most recent additions to my blogroll:

Lachlan is from Seattle – my absolute most favorite city in the U.S. Hey, what do you expect from a coffee addict lover?? Here is her bio. She’s intelligent and witty – – and pretty cute, too.

Dowingba is a fledgling musician from Canada, eh. He’s got this great post entitled Leftist Bloodlust. Tell us how you really feel, Dow!

Then, last but not least, is Casey who is involving himself in a google bomb with a waffle flavor. He hails from Ohio – – is a certified geek-type and likes Angelina Jolie . . . so how could he go wrong?

I’ll end with giving Dean a hearty thank you for letting me amuse myself over at Wayne’s Dean’s World. He is taking a complete break as of Friday – – after the Spirit of America drive has completed. He’s been working pretty hard at it for the last few weeks. So far, they’ve raised $9000 for their efforts – with bids still outstanding. They are looking to raise $50,000 by tonight. Can you give them a hand? Go donate now – – do it for your troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I did a direct donation a week, or two, ago – – but they also have this great auction of stuff that you can bid for – – and all donations are tax deductible. They’re calling for your help – – are you up to it?

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  1. I know what you mean about Seattle. I love it…but not sure if I could have much in common with the people who live there. Spent a month there for company training in 1983 and have been on vacation there 3 more times. Great place with 4 National Parks very close by…and the scenery…Wow!

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