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The summer that we moved here – Chris got an itch to make a cage for the cats so that they could be outside and enjoy the summer night air, without having the ability to run off and get lost in 8 acres of cornfields that surround our house. No small task.

He originally was going to do it dog-kennel style. But he wanted to have something they could climb around in. Then he wanted it on wheels so that it could be wheeled about the patio and yard. Then he wanted to arrange it so that there was a ‘pet door’ leading from the sliding doors from our bedroom, straight into their little cat cage – so they could come and go ‘outside’ whenever they wanted to. We just leave that patio door open during nice weather. Obviously no one else uses this patio door but those dammed cats.

Talk about spoiled!

I just snapped this picture about 5 minutes ago when I was outside enjoying the incredibly soft, cool breeze that you can only experience in a Wisconsin spring. The cats are in there – – Talis is on the floor of the thing and Meowface (yes, meowface) is on the pillow in the upper right (the big fat black blob you see up there is the cat)

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10 thoughts on “Cat Cage”

  1. Great idea for the cats. My cat is spoiled rotten too, but she is strictly an indoor cat and the closest she gets is to lounge in the dinning room window that has a big ledge. Hmmm, I need to post some picture of her I think. Seems to be a lot of cat lovers out there.

  2. Absolutely not, Pramila 🙂

    When he sets his mind to something – it usually ends up to be something a lot more than what he originally planned to do in the first place.

    That cat cage took him at least two weeks to put together…he had the original concept…and then it just kept growing and growing lol

  3. Chris is just a spoiler, is all 🙂

    And no, it’s not a farm. Just a lot of acreage. We live on two of them — the rest of them get rented out to farmers to plant feed corn on. Their farms are elsewhere – they just rent the land.

    I could never cut it as a farm girl — they keep early morning hours and I’m a late sleeper lol

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