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Still kicking over here. My lack of updates have nothing at all to do with my health (thanks for those who were concerned.) I think I mentioned a bit ago that posting would be light around here until I got things under control..I’m still working on it. My editors have me on a short leash (but, I’m almost completely done..there IS hope!) and my design clients have been keeping me hopping as our orders over at E.Webscapes continue to pour in at an amazing rate.

My daughter has been gone at summer camp all week, my husband has been on a biz trip this week and my son has been hanging out with his friends all week… leaving me alone, working, drinking wine and day dreaming about things I would rather be doing. Mostly, work is keeping me out of trouble….mostly. What would my life be without a little bit of trouble, Hmm?

Jeannette is an amzing sweetheart. Did you know that she sent me a beautiful note in the mail that included a Starbucks gift card this week? Of course you didn’t, how could you (unless you’re stalking my mailbox!?!). A Starbucks card, seriously? Does this gal know me, or what? I just love her to pieces (and her back end ain’t that bad either). Jeanette, sweetheart….I promise to give you my favorite pillow if we ever get the chance for that sleepover! MMMwwwah!

I’m excited to meet up with Leanne on Saturday for some shopping on Madison Ave. followed by dinner and cocktails. I’m attending the BlogHER Conference Friday through Sunday and am looking forward to the weekend OFF. Me, Chicago and a free weekend – – how much trouble can I cause, really? Anyone willing to put up bail money…just in case? Wiley is hosting an Authors Dinner on Friday night where I’ll have the fabulous opportunity to meet up with Kathy and the folks from Wiley – – I’m really psyched about that.

So, yea – updates here will continue to be scarce as I have other things on my plate, demanding my attentions for the moment. I hope you’re all doing well – – drop me a note in my comments and tell me some real life stories that don’t have to do with writing books, designing sites or otherwise sitting in front of the computer. I’d love to live vicariously through you for awhile!

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  1. Such a quandary; I read blogs because I like to live vicariously through others!!

    In matters too numerous to post on my own blog, I’ve been assigned to take over a team lead for a group in the office. The big awkward comes from the out-going Team Lead (who has landed a new job) isn’t transitioning his duties as much as he is complaining about mgt. What fun.

    (See what I mean?)

    Enjoy yourself this weekend… 🙂

  2. Hi Lisa, I just hope you are enjoying the summer as much as I am. You want a nice story try this one on for size. I took my hummingbird feeder out in early May because I couldn’t get enough of the hummingbirds I was feeding last summer. They just flit and flap about so beautifully.

    For some reason though I kept changing the nectar but they just weren’t coming. Last Saturday, still not wanting to give up on them, I washed and filled the feeder one more time. Two days into the fill and I have seen four already. Not a great thrill but watching hummingbirds feed is definitely one of lifes small pleasures.

    Enjoy your day and smile :)>-

  3. I’d love to be at Blogher causing some trouble with you and some of my other blogging buds! Have fun and take some time to relax in between if possible.

  4. I thought I heard my name over here…. been busy crazy here, too. So much stuff going on. 😛

    You’re welcome, my dear. Thank YOU for the gift of the update. BTW, did you do something to the comments? They get emailed to me now (that’s a good thing)… 🙂

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