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I’m blogging early . . or late, depending on how you look at it. It’s 6:30 am and I’ve yet to sleep. So, is it early…or is it late? I report – you decide.

I had a nice time at BlogHER. Chicago is always fun to visit – if it’s possible to be in love with a city (and it IS), Chicago would be my second love. Seattle is my first (sorry Chicago!). I love the design of the city, the architecture..the lake. I just like big cities, overall — there’s such a nice feeling of being just a number, isn’t there? Just a speck of dust…insignificant and invisible. It’s what I like about NYC, too. Sometimes, small and insignificant is a nice, comfy feeling.

That, and the risk of running into old high school buds at the grocery store is slim to none.

I’m so, so happy to have finally met up with Kathy over the weekend. She’s super. You gotta be careful with that one, though. It’s always the quiet ones you need to keep an eye on. I have an excuse to see her again in the future….I owe that woman a drink!

I spent some great time with Leanne on Saturday. I haven’t seen her since my wedding last June…so, of course, it was wonderful to see her…give her a huge tight hug and shop, eat, drink and…drink…and drink. (Did I mention there was a lot of drinking in Chicago over the weekend?).

Meeting up with Katie and Ellen from Wiley was great. They treated us to an amazing dinner (thank you, Wiley!) that started with amazing Asparagus Soup and ended with phenomenal Blueberry soup – with a fair amount of wine in between. (Again with the drink!). It was good to meet some of the faces behind the Wiley machine.

I also had the fantastic opportunity to meet and spend time with the beautiful Kimbery, aka MommaK, from Petroville. She was the only one of my clients that I had the chance to meet this past weekend. I was hoping to meet a few more…I know they were there — but the whole conference was just a sea of faces, it was impossible to hunt everyone down. Kim is lots of fun to hang with – I recommend it if ya ever get the chance.

Full weekends away mean tons of work to get caught up on upon return…so, yea – you’ll know where I’ll be, as usual. I was glad to get the chance to relax and have fun, though. As for the conference itself? Those BlogHER gals put on quite a shin dig – – they fed us wonderfully and provided an amazing venue at the Navy Pier in Chicago. I know it sounded like all socializing and drinking (and for the most part, it was)… I did attend a few of the panel discussions on topics of the geek sort, and they were…well, what you would expect panel discussions on geeky topics to be: Geekish.

Enough fun, already – work is calling. Ciao!

7 thoughts on “Early Blogging”

  1. Awwww shucks! It was my pleasure meeting you, Lisa. As I told Leanne, it felt like the 3 of us had been hanging out for years.


    PS- Can you email me our picture? And the one of Leanne on the potty? LOL

  2. Ha! I forgot about the Leanne potty pic! Would you believe I have not even d/l my pictures from the weekend off my camera yet?

    As soon as I so – I promise to send ’em right over 🙂

    PS – I am so NOT blogging this! :p

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  4. It was great to meet you too. It sounds stupid to say this, but sometimes you plug away for what seems like forever in this crazy business without ever connecting with authors. Without authors, you don’t have books! It’s nice to see where it all begins and remember why it is we do what we do.

  5. Nah, that doesn’t sound stupid in the least 🙂 I would imagine it’s not often that editors get a chance to connect with authors… and vice versa. It’s great for authors to be able to see some of the faces behind the Wiley machine 🙂 Especially if they as fun as you and Katie !

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