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There’s been a WHOLE lotta work going on around here..and not so much play. It’s alright, though… I get a short reprieve the weekend of the 27th when I get to leave all this work behind for a few days and attend the Blogher conference. So far, I’m looking forward to meeting up with Kathy, Leanne, the folks from Wiley and (possibly) my wonderful clients over at Crank Mama (it was through their post that I found this interesting recipe for a Perfect Martini that sounds like the closest I will ever come to a religious experience). Crank Mama is a site I did awhile ago – – it’s a mommy blog, with a cranky twist. Which made me wonder, at the time… I’m a mom. I blog. Yet I’m not really considered a mommy blog – – why is that? Maybe you have to have much younger kids who do really silly, cute things.. rather than teenagers who are usually… well, not doing such silly cute things.

On to some other things that have been on my mind and at my fingertips…

With the crazy and hectic year I’ve been having – I have to voice my complete and total undying gratitude to Leanne, for without her support and her ear, I currently would be certifiably insane. I don’t think I tell her often enough how much I appreciate her. Not because I don’t want her to know – – but I usually fail in the gooshy, touchy-feely department and don’t always voice my appreciation of people as often as I probably should. But between Chris, Leanne and my friend Tom – – I’m positive I’d be more of a nut case now than I normally am. So, yea – thanks. (and that’s it, until maybe next year 🙂

Humans are a work in progress, aren’t we? We make mistakes.. some of them small.. some HUGE – – and some of those mistakes fall somewhere in between. I’ve made them – and thankfully, they haven’t been HUGE ones..but I have done some doozies. When you make a mistake that potentially affects other people.. the best thing you can do is apologize to those involved and move on – hopefully learning from it, so as not to repeat it again. Those people will either accept it, or not.. and you (you big mistake maker!) have no control over others and their capacity for forgiveness or understanding. All you have are the intentions of your heart and the sincerity of your voice – – so don’t keep beating yourself up over things that you have no control over. The important this is that you recognize the mistake, are truly sorry and, most important of all, have learned from it. The only mistakes worth making are the ones you learn from, anyways. And if there is a single person who says they don’t make ’em – they’re lying. No one is perfect, no matter how hard they try to convince you.

Yes, yes – I know. Your image of me and my natural perfection is now shattered. I am truly sorry for that and would offer to pay your therapy bills. . . but I have my coffee habit to support.

On a happy note, at least for me – – I am making some serious headway through the design work I’ve had on my plate for the past several weeks. I dont’ often post the designs I’ve completed here on my blog (leaving them in my portoflio usually works), but, I’m feeling sharey today – so, if you wanna check ’em out. In order: Quirky Bits N’ Pieces, The Cooking Diva, Feels Like Magic, MissBlogger, Goldy World and HISTalk:

Quirky Bits n' Pieces WordPress Blog DesignThe Cooking Diva WordPress Blog DesignFeels Like Magic, WordPress Custom Theme, WordPress Designer, Blog Designs, Blog DesignerMiss Blogger WordPress MU Custom Design and DevelopmentGoldy World - Typepad Design, Custom CSSHIS Talk WordPress Design, Custom Illustration and Blog Design, Samantha Wise

Great fun.. great clients – if you feel so inclined, stalk them for awhile and let ’em know I sent you over.

On that note (work, that is).. I have more work to get back to. I’ve procrastinated long enough (although, I blame Jeanette (aka Jammie J) for most of my procrastination issues this week.. in a good way, of course 🙂 Have a good one!

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  1. Someone asked if I considered myself a Daddy Blogger; my boys are 11 and 4. I said no, and emphasized I hoped I wasn’t one.

    It’s not that some of their funny events aren’t recorded in my blog; they are. I find that, by and large, Mommy/Daddy blogs are too narrow in scope, and dull after a time (with all due respect to the few I read regularly!).

    As for mistakes, Elbert Hubbard is credited with saying: Never explain–your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway.

    While I believe friends do deserve an explanation and an apology after mistakes are made, I never forget the essence of the quote.


  2. Charlie – excellent quote.. I can completely relate (esp. to the enemies part! 😮 )

    I agree that blogs that get tagged with a niche like “Mommy” “Daddy” “Tech” blogs are narrow in their scope – but I guess that’s why they are considered ‘niche’ blogs in the first place, eh? Heh.

  3. Linds:

    a.) Your emails are NEVER annoying! 🙂
    b.) You have my cell
    c.) I’ll have my laptop
    d.) thanks for the ‘purdy’ comment 😀

  4. You may only take a nap if I can take one with you.
    Of course that means we won’t be sleepin’ … hehehe. 😛

  5. Hmm… pillow talk with Jammie J. @};-

    See? Probably a good thing I don’t take naps, then — I’d be in all sorts of procrastination trouble 😉

  6. Slumber parties as teenagers were good times, weren’t they? Since we both love staying up way past our bedtime, I wish I’d known you then, we’d have shared all the best secrets!


  7. Very nice designs, well done :p

    Also nice that you’re an author. I’ll stock your book in our store as soon as it’s available in Europe.

  8. I’m glad you don’t have a “mommy blog”. I don’t want to know how many times in a day your kids poop. Um…yeah, especially since yours are teenagers.

    Right. I know. No dinner invites will be forthcoming. :((

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