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And special thanks to Donald Webb for sending in this gem of an email:

If you support Bush and Cheney…you’re a fucking idiot!!!

Wow. I’m supposed to … what? Be hurt? Change my mind? Cry?

I can live with being a fucking idiot in Donald Webb’s world ~ hey, I’ve been called worse in my own world!

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  1. You probably derive pleasure from his hatred, since he is your partisan opponent. That would be the only reason that you would post such an insignificant piece of email; ask any liberal blogger, they usually receive far more graphic opinions.

    I like the fact that you named him explicitly. Petty vengence means that you did, in fact, react to his opinion. He trolled you, and won.

  2. All right, if it is your first piece. Novelty value and all.

    Why say such a thing? “Regretably Misguided” is a better phrase, stemming in part from the Bush-As-Pilot PR photo on the top-right. I shall see if you demonstrate otherwise.

  3. Regrettably Misguided – – so much better, steve, although I don’t agree, obviously. If only you were the one to send me the email, the whole novelty ‘hate mail’ thing may have turned into a reasonable discussion, instead. 🙂

    It’s one of my favorite pictures of him, by the way – among others.

  4. Name calling and vicious personal attacks are so typical and so predictable of the far left. Most of them can’t stand people who disagree with them so they lash out with ad homien attacks and petty name calling. It’s evident even among their elected leaders. Behavior like that will not win any undecided voters to their side.

    II agree with your decision to post the offending e-mail. It educates the moderates. *grin*

  5. “He trolled you, and won?”

    That’s just weird and a waste of time. If you win by being a troll…is that really winning? I get hate email from the extreme right and left. The left is by far the scariest. I have never had to talk to the police about those from the right.

    Lisa, I think you are a talented treasure. Even on topics where we would disagree I respect you.

  6. Check out the big psychologist brain on Steven!

    I thought the posting of that bit of nastiness was a perfect example of why Democrats will not get the White House back this time; a campaign whose base is driven merely by hatred of the President is not sufficient for victory.

  7. Hey, if I really wanted to be vicious and vengeful – I’d have posted his email address, too. Don’t you admire my restraint, just a little bit? 🙂

    Donna, Grub – agreed. Anytime I can expose the stupidity and shallow tactics of the left, I feel an obligation.

    Randy – thank you. Major dittos 😀

  8. heh heh – Steven is probably the one who sent you the email – I mean there is no link to his name and all. Bahahahaha I am loving the fact that you filed it under pithy comments too!

  9. As far as posting his name … well, if he were embarrassed about it he shouldn’t have sent it. I usually try not to send out something if I’m not willing to stand by it.

  10. Donna – I take it you are totally unfamilar with talk radio, FOX News, and more than a few blogs. But those aren’t for the undecided, now are they? More for preaching to the converted.

    Randy – I could say the same thing about the mail I received. So who is lying? You, me, or is there another answer? Like, rightists will not vent their fury one One of Their Own, and vice versa?

    Grub – Did that email come from the Kerry campaign? I must have missed that fact. You might want to forward this to the Associated Press, its a big story.

    Now pardon me, for a moment, while I record the statements of the first pro-war teenager I meet on the street and attribute it to the GOP.

    Lisa – Yes, we would certainly have a reasonable discussion. But honestly now: I can’t imagine any configuration of words on the screen that would change your political leanings. Thus I can see why less patient, more frustrated minds would lash out in anger and hatred at you (or any partisan opponent for that matter). Your cynical exploitation of his statement(rash as it was) robs the situation of import. You were not attacked, you merely received validation in the correctness of your belief, since such an obvious madman is against you. Hence, no sympathy this time.

    Vinny – Not capitalizing gives such sentences better flow, IMHO, even if it is grammatically incorrect. Language is malliable in skillful hands.

  11. Did I say I was attacked? Personally, I found it funny that someone would take the time and send such tripe. I tend to post about things I find humerous, steven – – it is no situation of import. . . it’s just kinda funny.

    And color me stupid – – they guy has emailed me the same statement over and over again since I posted it here. lol

  12. Actually, in my 36 years I have done everything from chair dancing at an Anne Richards for Texas Governor rally, being beaten up for being gay (a thing of the past) to attending meetings with “right wing” leaders in DC and locally (Orlando).

    The left’s activists are the ones that have told me personally that I don’t deserve to exercise my free speech and religious rights and in some cases have gone to great pains to tell me that I don’t deserve to live.

    The guys who beat me up? please forgive me,I was 19 and forgot to ask who they voted for or what they thought about prescription meds and our border security.

    When I say “I think…” it is an opinion not a lie. And the hate email I get from some on the fringe right? I can assure you….they do not see me as their own. Fred Phelps and his clan actually spit at me when I (as a conservative) confronted him in Lynchburg Virginia.

    I have not only seen both sides…I lived both with complete conviction. The left is far scarier because they are the new blindly self-righteous.

  13. Randy – I think there are ‘fringe’ factions on both sides, but I’m going to agree with you and say that I experience it worse from the left than the right.

    I’ve attended many a rally in my lifetime — in the last few, I’ve attended quite a few where the Bush supporters were on one side of the street, the Kerry supporters on the other.

    The Kerry supporters were pretty rank in their words and actions, while those of us on the other side of the street acted with decorum.

    Maybe it’s a question of class? And I don’t mean societal class, either — I just mean class, as in character.

    I’m sure, however, that there are classless fools on the right, as well. Don’t even get me started on the extreme right nutballs who think it’s ok to bomb an abortion clinic.

    Oy. 🙄

  14. Lisa…oy is right. Those folks scare the gee-wullagers (sp?) 😯 out of me.

    Class as in character? That’s worth a ponder. I think it could be bored pseudo-intellectual rebellion of the young (giggling college students on their cell phones with painted faces at protests)and the unresolved self-righteous bitterness of the old(er) (Kerry won’t let go of Vietnam).


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