Calming the Nerves


I woke up this morning and helped Chris pack his bags for his three week business trip. He’s nervous, but won’t admit it. This contract is huge – with the potential for being the biggest contract this year. Their business is growing so much and so fast, they’re stressing about how to staff the new contracts that are coming in. They’ve hired a few new guys in the past few months – and are looking to hire a few more. They are looking for a competent 1.) JavaScript writer, 2.) A programmer and 3.) Someone who is well versed in SQL database who is also good at interpreting data from business objects. Those are three different positions — so if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone — they’ve gotta be good, motivated, responsible enough to work remotely, able to travel, when needed and someone who can start yesterday. Know anyone? Drop me a line.

He’s talking about training me in SQL database and Business Objects and hiring me directly – because it would just be easier for him to do it that way, with someone he trusts. I’m not opposed to it. I would give me a nice annual salary, comparable to what I make now, with benefits – – allow me to work from home, which would also allow me to run my business at the same time without having to be responsible to another employer, elsewhere. I’m giving it some thought.

In the meantime, they’ve hired me to do a complete re-design of their website, which I’ll be working on while he is away.

Three weeks is a long time when you’re a creature of habit, like me. I dropped him off at the airport this morning and the first part of getting through these trips is getting past take off and landing. I’m a nervous nelly in the biggest way possible. I truly hate it when he flies. I feel like puking the entire time he is in the air – and that feeling disappears immediately after I know he’s landed.

I’m morbid as hell during those hours that he is in the air. I torture myself with all the possible ‘what if’s’ that could possibly happen. I work myself into a total tizzy, almost to the point of tears. Just when I’ve reached the height of my own self-imposed, internal hysterics – the phone rings and it’s him telling me that he’s on his way to pick up his rental car. The hysterics dissipate immediately, and I’m back to my normal self.

But for those few hours he’s in the air – I’m spending my time internalizing all my irrational hysterics about all the possibilities. I cleaned my house like a madwoman today – almost have the redesign of my design site completed, cooked, did laundry — all in the few hours alone after I dropped him off.

I need therapy. The next three weeks will be a breeze – until he boards the plane home…..then I’ll need some valium, I think. How do I break this?

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5 thoughts on “Calming the Nerves”

  1. I don’t know that you ever “get over” it.

    Hubster sometimes works late at The Phone Company. So I imagine him in some alley up on his ladder and some jackhole is determined that that is THE only way home and proceeds to sneak by his cones and ladder and knocks him off. So he’s laying there with his head cracked open. Lovely.

    But rechanneling your nervous energy into cleaning or whatever is healthy.

    If you didn’t worry, I’d say you either had no pulse or were just some cold fish.

  2. I don’t know that you do get over it. I’m the same way when I fly. I hate, hate, HATE to fly. In fact, my next cross country trip will be accomplished by driving 15 hours a day for two days in order to not have to take a plane. That being said, I still have to board 10 different airplanes in the next three months. I’m so not looking forward to it.

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  4. 10 airplanes in the next 3 months? I couldn’t do it, Cam.

    I seriouslly require a valium when I fly. Honest – my doctor writes a prescription for two tablets and the directions on the bottle say “One for the flight there…One for the flight back”.

    That’s how bad I am with flying. Needless to say, I don’t do it often.

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