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Chris has been out of town for only a day – and already I’ve got the entire site re-design done over at Webscapes. It used to be called ‘Elegant Webscapes’ – but I just recently shortened it to just ‘Webscapes’. I dunno – maybe I’m not feeling so elegant anymore?

Earlier this evening I went to my daughter’s choir concert. I’m such a gusher when it comes to her singing. I know much of it is pride – – but, being a singer myself, I get all kinds of mushy n’ gushy when I see her sing. I spent so much of my life singing, studying music – – it’s been my long-held passion since I was a kid. It still is, to a large degree.

Maybe that’s why I fight the tears when I watch her perform?

She has a powerful little voice and I’m really enjoying watching her develop that talent. To my surprise, I’m not at all the stage mother that I feared I would become – – only because performing is so much in my heart and singing gives me wings…I want her to feel the same release and passion that music has given me in my life. She’s developing her style all on her own…with a pointer or two from ol’ mom when she asks about it. She’ll do it all on her own, if she wants to.

It would seem she has the same fire in her that I do. She could make a gazillion mistakes and hit a thousand sour notes – – to me, her voice is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.

Sheesh, listen to me. Someone toss me a tissue over here!

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