Call Me Silly . . but . .


I couldn’t sleep last night. So what else is new?

Yep – the ol’ insomnia monster hit hard again.

So. I finished my book I was reading.
Watched a movie.
Then opened my laptop.

I was browsing through random sites and came across one of those online gambling sites.

Yep. You know it.


So what do I do? I deposit $100 just to see what kind of luck I would have. Not really expecting any.

I put $50.00 down in “Let it ride poker”

I hit a full house that pays out 40-1.

Then I downloaded my $2000.00 and went to sleep.

Who says there isn’t a cure for insomnia.

No kidding!

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3 thoughts on “Call Me Silly . . but . .”

  1. I never do either, Susie! Well.. never DID.

    this was just a fluke, I’m sure. I have to stay away from those sites — especially now that I won that much… it’s WAY too tempting – especially now!


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