Day Off


I took the day off work today (gasp!)

Sure, I dabbled a bit in a little design work and dealt with a few help tickets – but for the most part, I played hookey. Hey – a girl needs a break once in awhile . . and it’s been AGES since I called in sick for work. You know that boss of mine – – she’s such a slavedriver! I’ll hit the grindstone doubly hard tomorrow to make up for it!

Just some randomness in my day…..

I’ve been blogging a bit more over at my other blog, Right Voices lately. I had taken a good 5 month hiatus from there for various reasons. Mostly because of time, but also because after the last election cycle, I just really burned out on blogging politics – so I figured a nice break was needed. My good friends Astro, Pam and Reilly have been keeping things hopping and busy over there, as usual – I wasn’t even missed 🙂

We have new polls going on over there. Why not go on over and participate in our most recent poll? We’d love to have ya!

I haven’t spoken to Leanne on the phone today! I wonder why? She must be busy painting, or something equally as talented! She’s hosting a cool Pumpkin carving contest over at her blog – Got a carving to show off?

One of my other girly friends, Jeannette(who also happens to be my elected wedding planner, even if she didn’t accept the job… or WANT the job . . ignoring her outright refusal to DO the job) made a great stew in her crockpot – left it to cook all day while she was at work – but didn’t plug it in. And THIS is the girl I want planning my wedding? Oh my! (uh, you have to have a password to view her blog, btw)

My pal Michael has a new pooch! His family adopted her recently and she is just adorable!

Long over due to annouce this (I’m always slow on the uptake) – but one of my favorite bloggers is back to blogging again, after taking a long hiatus upon his return from his tour of duty in Afghanistan. Welcome back, Jim – happy to read you again!

That’s about it for my blog updates today. My night, tonight, is filled with helping my son put together his chronicle project that is due on Friday. Just remind me: Don’t do it for him. Let him do it himself.

Tempted though I may be to assist him with the cutting and pasting of it all – – this is HIS project, not MINE. If I want a damn scrapbook to dink around with – – then I need to start my own.

/end self-lecture.

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  1. Yes you were too missed over at RV! Your stuff makes me look like the hack writer that I am when I’m trying to avoid working!

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