Bubba, The Redneck Kitten from Alabama


Here he is. Bubba. The stray kitten we’ve adopted. He’s been hanging around this house for the past 3-4 days, just pathetic as all get out. Neither Chris, nor I, have any will power when it comes to a cute kitten face.

And isn’t he cute?

Bubba 1

Bubba 2

Bubba 3

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12 thoughts on “Bubba, The Redneck Kitten from Alabama”

  1. Aw,he’s adorable! If I didn’t already have 3 furry feline babies I’d be talking you into bringing Bubba cross the state line. 🙂

  2. He made himself at home quickly, didn’t he?

    I want a kitten. I haven’t had a kitten in forever. Can I trade my cat in on a newer model? 😉

  3. The first photo looks like a postcard. 🙂

    He’s so cute! Good on you for giving the little guy a good home. I love the little patch on his nose. *awww*

  4. Isn’t he just a doll?? 🙂

    We found a vet here on the lake called “The Lake Vet” (unique, hey?) 🙂

    He had a terrible case of ear mites and fleas and ticks. We got those things taken care of and got him his first set of kitten shots.

    I guess that means we’re taking him home!!

    With that face, who could resist?? 🙂

    Thanks Becca, Wench, pam, Chelle, Yaya and Leanne!

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